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Venue Lighting: Why It’s Worth the Investment!

Pinspots, uplighting, gobos, and more! There is so much to consider when planning the lighting aspect of your wedding. Venue lighting can completely change the look and feel of your wedding depending on how you use it. We know this could be all new to you as a planning bride so we asked the lighting experts at Altared Weddings and Events to help with some important advice! Let’s see what they had to say…

“The winds of change have blown in and lush ballroom weddings are back in style!  While I personally believe a classic is always on point, ballrooms got a bad rap for a while there for having what we will call a consistent look to them.  Fear not, brides dreaming of cascading florals and elegant table settings, because lighting can create a totally different space for you.  And, as an added bonus, the technology has come quite a long way, which translates to a lot more options on your Pinterest board and more money in your wallet.  Here is why you should be looking at it, regardless of your venue choice.


By comparison, venue lighting can completely transform a space for a fraction of the cost of some more conventional methods.  Uplighting can bring in just about any color from your palette and add a serious pop of vibrant color.  What’s more, if you have a skilled DJ, they can manipulate the uplights to work in tandem with them so that the colors can change depending on the mood at any given moment in the evening. Do your due diligence, though, because while lighting can be inexpensive by comparison, the old adage of “You get what you pay for” still holds true.  This is not an area you want to DIY, because mounting and power considerations are not something you want to learn on the day of your wedding!



As we discussed earlier, venue lighting can be programed for show any range of colors.  You can also elect for some other things like monogrammed gobos, which will project your initials for example over the head table or on the dance floor.  Also, those lovely little details that represent your personal story can be highlighted with pinspots; it is a subtle detail that creates a big distinction.  Most reputable lighting companies can also work with you to make sure that the lighting brought in is created specifically for your space.



Maybe you want a romantic cocktail hour and a screamin’ dance party.  The exact same lighting can be used for both.  Everyone uses visual cues to determine how they should act, and lighting can do this in conjunction with your MC.  Maybe you start with warm amber tones to imitate candlelight during dinner and then transition into reds and purples as the night progresses.  Your crowd will pick up on and react on the dancefloor.  Outdoor spaces can be clearly defined and beautifully lit with string lights for an intimate evening among 200 guests. Or, if you want to bring that ballroom look outdoors, consider a series of wireless chandeliers from the trees!  You have a lot of options out there, so explore them!  We also always want to consult with clients to make sure we are bringing in the right tools for the job.

When you reach out to lighting companies, ask them about what they can do to bring in personal touches throughout the event to help bring your wedding to life!  Find out their policies on breaking down and setting up, and how that works with the venue’s policy.  Shop around, but find something comprehensive to your needs!  Happy planning!”



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