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This past week has been a tough one for our home state. As the rains fell and kept falling, it was as though our heart sank further and further into Hurricane Harvey’s rising waters. Texas, as a whole, was and still remains in shock at the devastation brought to our coastal cities. With each city name that rolled by on weather reports and then national news, the fear and worry grew. Corpus Christi, Rockport, Victoria, Port Aransas, Galveston, Dickinson, League City, Texas City, Clear Lake – the town names are familiar to most Texans, whether native born or recently adopted. These cities were taking on wave after wave of water, wind and misery. And then came the name of the town that is known the world over – the first word spoken from the surface of the moon – and our awe-inspiring metropolis, Houston, was not only in Harvey’s path, but was the storm’s ultimate target. The images have pulled at the heartstrings of an entire nation, as the floodwaters claimed the long-standing homes of thousands and thousands of Texans.

At a time like this, it did not seem right to continue “business as usual,” for Austin Wedding Day. Posting wedding and engagement images does not yet seem appropriate – championing the elegance and beauty of a wedding, while so many have had their lives overturned, been displaced from their home, or had their next few weeks, months and years altered forever. The pain is too raw. The moment is too soon, with photos and reports still streaming out of Houston and its neighboring cities that chill the heart and sadden the soul.

But, if there are those images of pain and loss, there are, too, those images that fill us with profound hope. There are the photos of the “helpers” that Mr. Rogers told us all to look for in times of struggle and strife. For every image that inspires tears of sorrow, there are images that elicit tears of joy, of hope, of gratefulness. There’s the picture of the children at play in the storm’s aftermath, blissfully enjoying a moment after a terrible event. There’s the picture of the exhausted rescuer, a hero in blue who ferried a kayak back and forth to get children out of flooded storms. There’s the hair and makeup artist that took a quick selfie after helping to rescue a 93 year-old woman from her house (and fearing an alligator had glided by while she was doing so). There’s the one of the National Guard, getting people to safety like the heroes they always are. And then, there’s the joy on the faces of those who rescued the pets who were too weak to fend for themselves.

If we at Austin Wedding Day are champions of beauty, class, elegance and grace, then surely, these images of our beloved Texas, being cared for by Texans, in the aftermath of a cataclysmic storm, are in keeping with our finest ideals.

This evening, the sun started to peek through the dark clouds and something told me to pick up my camera. So my Husband helped me climb our ladder and hop our fence, out I went walking and documenting people who have been through so much. Tears were rolling as I snapped these photos, I could feel what they had gone through without saying a word. So here is a glimpse into our neighborhood. We have such amazing neighbors who have really come together during such a disaster and my heart is full. Hope these photos touch your heart and give you a little hope❤ Feel free to share, friends. "Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, & I will give you rest" Matthew 11:28 https://www.facebook.com/sweetnestphotography/

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8/27/2017 Hurricane Harvey: Many of these homes are already total loses by 1:00 pm Sunday, but several residents can be found wading through the rising waters to help one another; including a man that was using his daughters kayak to help evacuate children and his truck to pull stranded motorists out of the deep. (Please link shared images to this page, if shared. Thanks!) . . . . . . . #canon #7Dmarkii #veteran #beard #lightroom #photography #photographer #Houston #thewoodlandstx #weddingphotographer #houstonphotographer #portraits #headshots #houstonwedding #houstonweddingphotography #texaswedding #galveston #TheWoodlands #HurricaneHarvey #Conroe #KHOU #Houston #Harvey #HoustonFlood2017 #HoustonFlood #HurricaneSeason #FoxNews #CNNWeather #ABC13EyeWitness #HarveyStorm #HarveyHMag

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#houstonflood #houstonrescue #rescue #animalsmatter Amazing rescue of #furrbabies in houston #hurricaneharvey2017

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Though the waters are receding and the initial impact of the storm is long over, the effects on our coastal cities will be felt for months and years to come. Rebuilding is not accomplished in a short time, and our state will need our sustained help. To help from wherever you are, find a reputable charity and donate money, or partner with Houston’s own J.J. Watt and give the all money, time or even just goodwill that you can. A few such charities are listed below:

AmericaresConvoy of HopeDirect ReliefJ.J. Watt’s YouCaring Page