Pecan Springs Ranch

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BestofStyle100x100pixelsWhere hill country charm meets uptown style! Pecan Springs Ranch, an Austin wedding venue that also specializes in corporate events, is located on 17 acres fifteen minutes west of downtown Austin. Surrounded by stunning pecan and oak trees, the property also features a creek and fresh springs. Our 6000 sf climate-controlled building includes a prep kitchen, a groom’s area, and a glass back wall that opens up onto a 2000 sf terrace. We also offer a separate bride’s house as well as numerous beautiful ceremony sites.

We fell in love with this property in 2011 and felt that it would be perfect for us and our horses. Life brings changes unexpectedly and we ended up not moving and so it became a place for people to come and spend a special day and we want to share its beauty with you! Pecan Springs Ranch became a beautiful wedding and event venue in Austin, TX.

We have worked hard to keep the property as natural as possible, using materials found right here on the land. Even the original fireplace from the 1800′s has been reconstructed with rock found on the property as one of the ceremony spots. We have also taken steps to preserve the 1800′s-era log cabin. We used reclaimed pine from the Bastrop fires as the exposed trusses in the main building, which makes it very special to us and our visitors. Throughout the property and the buildings you will see reclaimed barn wood used as doors, and reclaimed doors used throughout the property.