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BestofStyle100x100pixelsYou’ll always remember the first dance so why not make it magical? Forget the high school sway. Our wedding dance professionals have helped countless couples prepare for their big day.

At Austin Uptown Dance, we offer you professional instruction in a fun and easy going environment to help you make your wedding dances magical!

You can learn the dance(s) of your choice: Waltz, Tango, Foxtrot, Swing, Salsa, Rumba, Cha Cha, Bolero, Argentine Tango, Country or even a choreographed showcase dance, to leave everyone speechless!

Our method is simple. We teach you easy-to-learn steps that you’ll remember while having a great time. With a little bit of practice and patience, you’ll surprise yourselves and everyone else while dancing with confidence.

Our friendly dance professionals will help you learn proper, polished dancing for your “first dance,” “father-of-the-bride dance,” “mother-of-the-groom dance,” or reception dancing.

Whether your goals are modest, or you want a fully choreographed original dance you can WOW your family and friends with, our friendly staff can help you create an experience you will treasure!

Wedding Packages

  • The Uptown Ultimate Affair - 15 Private Lessons – $825
    Additional lessons $55
  • The Uptown Dazzler - 10 Private Lessons – $600
    Additional lessons $60
  • It’s Magic - 6 Private Lessons – $360
    Additional lessons $60
  • Wedding Express - 3 Private Lessons – Can only be purchased once – $195
    Additional lessons $65

Wedding Songs

Have a favorite or special song? Bring your music and let us get you started.

Need assistance with song selection? No problem. Want something traditional, romantic, fun, or fast and furious? Our staff can help you choose a song and a dance style that best suits your personalities and music preferences! We can provide you with a list of songs to choose from for your first dance, or any of your honor dances. Speak with one of our professionals for more information.

Music Editing

Is your special song too long or too fast? We can cut your music, leaving all your favorite parts, making it the perfect length and tempo for your first dance! - $30 per cut song

Additional Dances

Father-Of-The-Bride and Mother-Of-The-Groom Honor Dances - This tradition pays appropriate respect to the parents of the wedding couple and acknowledges the special and evolving relationship between them. - $55 per lesson when purchased to compliment one of our wedding packages.

Private Group & Remote Engagements - Want to add a unique twist to your reception or add some sparkle to your rehearsal dinner? We can come to your site or you can bring your group to us!

Private Group At Our Studio
$110 hr at our studio (includes 1 instructor)
$100 hr for each additional hour
$65 hr for each additional instructor

Remote Engagement
$130 hr (includes 1 instructor)
$110 hr for each additional hour
$100 hr for each additional instructor

Whatever your dance or budget, Uptown can assist you in achieving that unforgettable moment together!