Alfred’s Catering

6815 De Paul Cove, Austin, TX 78761
Price Range: Varies
Banquet Facility: No
Decorating Service: Yes
Bartending Service: Yes
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BestofStyle100x100pixelsAlfred’s Catering is a team of seasoned professionals, with over 30 years experience in event planning and catering, who start by asking the right questions and listens carefully to your responses to anticipate your unique needs and desires for your special event.

We understand every aspect of catering and event planning, including site selection, entertainment,  vendor  and event management.

We leverage our strong affiliations with leading area floral and scenic designers, equipment suppliers, and entertainment producers to orchestrate seamless, one of a kind events.

We work with each client individually to plan and execute every event detail – exceeding client expectations time and time again.

Our goal is for you to be “a guest at your own party”!


Alfred, I SO loved meeting you!!! The food was THE hit of the [Blue and Gold] banquet!!  I heard nothing but GOOD things about the food!!!  We definitely want to book you for next year!!  Sign me up!  I absolutely loved working with you and you guys did an amazing job!!!  Thank you so much for making our event a complete and total success!!!  Without you, there would have been parents complaining all over the place…..instead they were all happy!!!  Thank you for your patience with me and for doing a kid-friendly menu for our guys.  So many of them told me that they loved the food…including my boys.  I look forward to meeting again next year… Martha