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Photographer Amy Lynn, of AL Gawlik Photography, possesses the unique ability to flawlessly use architecture, natural light, and any setting to create visually stunning photos. Incorporating the strengths of each subject’s presence, her talent for capturing authentic moments is only enhanced through her organically soft and earthy style.

Veering from plain and common, AL is able to capture candid moments with elegance, giving life to the photos that symbolize the beginning of your story. Her photography style has lead to numerous features in various publications and the opportunity to work with celebrity clients. She has the creative professionalism that is necessary to put every client at ease, to bring out the raw natural joy of love and life.

Regardless of accolades, she remains true to the initial reason she was drawn to photography: her passion for people and the opportunity to help tell their story during such a beautiful time in their life. Al Gawlik Photography captures the moments, the emotion and the innocence of the next chapter in a couples life.


As soon as Dom and I were engaged the first thing we did was book Amy to be our photographer. I have admired her photos throughout the years and always knew she was the perfect person to capture our special day. I was not wrong, as we were so overjoyed with our wedding photos. Amy has the ability to make people feel warm and relaxed and this is crucial when taking photos. She knows how to make you laugh and to make the experience of taking portraits fun and not awkward at all. Amy was not only professional, but it was also like having a friend there as well. She has a warm personality and is genuinely passionate about what she does, and this shines through in her work. I would recommend Amy with no reservations to any future bride and groom. Thank you, Amy, for being a part of our special day.- Jenna & DomI can’t say enough good things about Amy’s photography! I loved her style photos; she captured really candid, natural, beautiful moments. We had her do our wedding photos and we are beyond thrilled with how the photos turned out. She has such a good eye and took so many great shots that we will cherish forever. She really cared and listened to what we wanted and were hoping for with our photos. We also got a ton! I wasn’t expecting so many and just two weeks after the wedding! Such a quick turnaround time! My husband and I also just enjoyed working with her! She’s so sweet and was really good with family and maximizing her time while she was there. I felt like she was everywhere and captured so many moments but yet she wasn’t in your face or intrusive about it. I highly recommend her for weddings or any other photography needs!- Arin & Hogan

My love for Amy Gawlik runs deep – really deep. Amy is a blessing. She is single handedly the biggest reason why my wedding/renewal was such an overwhelming success and a big fat party. It’s one thing for someone to take breath taking photos (which she does) but the way Amy handles herself – with complete poise, grace and precision, it goes without saying she did and is continuing to do incredible work. Her photos are timeless and so is she. Her effortlessness on how she manages to go through the ebb and flow of capturing a photo is art on film and in motion. Her style is inimitable, her work ethic is unmatched, and she is completely selfless. She delivers photos within days of your session, (she is relentless). Her passion behind the lens and in life is completely contagious. Her light and joyfulness inspires everyone around her, gah, I want to be her. I owe her so much because she captured everything, every detail, emotion and thought on film, the true essence between you and your loved one. Not only that, she led me to my extraordinary videographer, dj, baker, desserts table, and bridal designer. I couldn’t limit to just the wedding so I had her photograph my engagements and bridals. The pictures and experience were all equally magical. It is such an important and beautiful moment in your life, I have to emphasize how much she is there right behind you to make you feel like you and your moment are all that matters. Your pictures will last a lifetime – believe me, you want this beauty to be a part of your day/life. You don’t get just a photographer; you get a great friend for life. I can’t praise her and her work enough. She is one of a kind.- Rosalyn & Christian

The first decision that Piper and I made together when we got engaged was our photographer. In full disclosure, I went to college with Amy, was good friends with her, and ever since I saw her work years ago, I knew I wanted to hire her one day. Luckily, Piper felt just as strongly about this when it came time to decide on a photographer for our wedding. There are plenty of people that have written reviews from a customer’s perspective as bride/groom. You can read all those for accurate, truthful, and glowing reviews about her professionalism, work, and results. It’s true what they say that your wedding day flies by. You’re going to want to remember it in the kind of vivid and honest artistry that is the cornerstone of Amy’s photography.

I want to take this opportunity to tell you, instead, what kind of a person you would be hiring for this important role – the person who will capture your memories of one of the happiest days of your life. Amy is and always has been a kind hearted person. She is intensely curious about things that capture her imagination, and this is a critical quality of a professional photographer. How fortunate can two lovers be to have a photographer who is intensely curious about their story and to work to capture the natural magic of their wedding day. I’m proud that Amy is a friend, and all her friends would tell you the same.

Future grooms, take note. Everyone tells you that you should save money for an engagement ring, but you have a lifetime to upgrade her jewelry, if you so choose. Instead, save for a great wedding photographer. This is truly a timeless gift that you give to yourselves. I have the privilege of working with senior citizens every day, and in all the years that I’ve witnessed people reflecting on their lives, there is no stronger trigger for recalling a precious memory than a photo (or a song). I’ve never seen anyone clinging to a piece of jewelry, or talk about their venue or what table cloth they chose. It’s always a photo and most frequently it’s a wedding photo. There is no other review that I have been as excited to write than this one. Amy, thanks for being a part of our magical day. We know that you’ll continue to delight your couples for years to come!- Piper & James