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Over the top locations


Location, Location, Location | Instagram Inspirations

In so many different avenues, the same notion pops up, over and over. When considering where to be, where to live, where to open a business or where to host a wedding, there are three very important things to consider – location, location, location. So, to illustrate how much the right venue can contribute to [...]


The Green that Grows After the Rain | Instagram Inspirations

While the recovery effort continues with our neighbors along the coast, some things are slowly returning to normal. The rains have come and gone and, in their place, the world becomes ever greener, lush with growth and beauty. Some normalcy has returned, and with the verdant green everywhere, it seemed there was no better way [...]

Texas Stronger

On Behalf Of Our Beloved Texas | Instagram Inspirations

This past week has been a tough one for our home state. As the rains fell and kept falling, it was as though our heart sank further and further into Hurricane Harvey’s rising waters. Texas, as a whole, was and still remains in shock at the devastation brought to our coastal cities. With each city [...]

Weddings Near The Water

Near the Water | Instagram Inspirations

Creekside, river bank or lake shore – as the mercury climbs through the summer, nothing cools down a summer wedding like the water. Between the deep blues and greens it provides and the cool breezes that seem to always accompany their presence, bodies of water lend so much to the scenery and the mood of [...]

Submission Selects

Submitted For Your Approval | Instagram Inspirations

Every Friday, we ask our followers and even passers-by or brides-to-be to submit their photos to be featured in Austin Wedding Day’s weekly roundup. We’ve gotten more than a few submissions, and will feature them in the weeks and months to come (don’t forget to include #AustinWeddingDay on your inspiring moments!). This week, here are [...]


Going to the Dogs

They’re members of the family, even if there’s no place at the wedding party table. They don’t even have to match the color scheme to be a vital part of the pictures. It’s our dogs. They’re precious beyond measure, and for a wedding celebration, there’s little reason not to include them on the guest list [...]

A Kiss to Build a Dream On

A Kiss to Build a Dream On

It’s a foregone conclusion, that at the end of nearly every wedding ceremony, the world at large grants permission to the bride and groom to show their love in a moment of unabashed sweetness. “You may now kiss the bride.” As rote as the practice may be, the kiss is never cliché, and should never [...]


Rehearsal Dinner Etiquette | Wedding Planning Tip

Traditionally the rehearsal dinner has been a way for the bride’s and groom’s families to get acquainted. This is quickly becoming a favorite part of the wedding weekend. Why? It’s a celebration that allows you to rejoice and relax with your loved ones before the excitement for the big day. Here’s how to plan the [...]


A Jazzy ’40′s Wedding for New York Couple | Vows of Love

Melissa and Chad’s love blossomed in New York City, but when it came time to get married the globetrotting couple knew they wanted it to happen in Austin, a city they’d come to love during their time together. They chose Pecan Springs Ranch for an upscale, hill-country-meets-downtown vibe. The officiant led the guests through a [...]


Handmade Elements Add a Magical Touch | Vows of Love

Sarah and Austin met through mutual friends, and connected through trying out new bars and restaurants around town. She was drawn to his love of the outdoors, his strong faith and his engaging personalty. Austin surprised Sarah with a proposal in Round Top in front of both their families and all their best friends. They [...]