Wedding Emotions and Feelings

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The best and most memorable moments at weddings aren’t scripted. They happen at the traditional times – first dance, first look, giving away the bride, exchanging wedding day letters. But there is so much more emotion, so many more feelings in each of these moments that it moves beyond words and enters a realm that only a heart can feel. If they’re lucky, good or both, a wedding photographer can capture these feelings in a single image. And whether it’s the tears that flow when a father sees his little girl in a wedding gown or the tears that won’t be stopped when, at long last, your husband reacts to the overwhelming emotions that well inside, these are to be most cherished.

Here are a few of our favorite recent photos that capture the intense feelings of a wedding day, from gleeful prep with the #BrideSquad to those quiet moments with the letters of a lifetime. Be sure to follow @austinweddingday for even more moments, feelings and stunning photos. And be sure to check out the talented people, heartwarming couples and eternal moments below. Tag your photos with #austinweddingday to be chosen for next week’s Instagram Inspirations!

Love letters 💌

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The last little hang out in the limo with your girls before you become a wife. This ride and wedding was fantastic! 👌🏻

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