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Here at Austin Wedding Day Style we have everything the Texas bride could dream of for her Austin area wedding – including the perfect Austin wedding venue!


Here are some things to keep in mind as you research and choose the perfect Austin wedding venue for you:

Make Sure the Venue Fits!

It might seem like an obvious tip, but it can be easy to forget how much room you actually need for all your wedding guests when you come across a beautiful Texas wedding or reception location that you fall in love with! Don’t forget to ask about capacity and make sure it suits the size of your wedding guest list. Or, if you just can’t imagine having your Austin wedding at any other venue, remember to trim the size of your list!

If your wedding guest list is close to the maximum capacity, ask if you can come peek at the venue the next time they host an event that is a similar size to yours. This way you can be sure that your wedding will look and feel just the way you want at the venue you choose!

Areas in the Venue for all the Fun

Think about what your wedding and reception will include and make sure there is a logical place at your chosen Austin wedding venue to accommodate each activity. Will there be dancing? Cake cutting? You want to be sure that your guests won’t feel cramped as your wedding unfolds!

NewHomePage4A Place for You!

You will want to escape to a private area where you can change, freshen up or just take a break from the reception and share a private moment with your new partner. Be sure that the Austin wedding venue you choose has a private space that feels great to you!

Venue Lighting and Sound

When visiting a potential Austin wedding venue, be sure that it includes or has the ability to accommodate the lighting and sound technology that your wedding and reception will require. Electricity, speaker systems and appropriate lighting are all important, as is natural lighting! Visit the venue at the time of day your wedding and reception will take place so you can see what sort of natural light will be entering the location or building. The right lighting can make or break a wedding venue!

10858377_751669761581081_1139007045970246977_nWhat’s the Venue’s View?

Do you want to overlook Austin’s beautiful hill country, or be downtown surrounded by glittering lights? Either way, be sure to take a moment to soak up the view from the Austin venue you are considering for your Texas wedding and be sure it’s everything you hoped for on your special day!

Does the Venue Have Ample Parking?

First impressions are important for your wedding guests, and the first thing they will experience is when they arrive and park their vehicle. Is there ample parking at the Austin wedding venue you are considering? Is it easy to access, turn a car around and walk to the wedding? Is there close-in parking and easy access for those wedding guests who use wheelchairs or might have trouble walking distances? These are all important factors to consider when researching and visiting potential austin wedding venues!

NewHomePage3Good luck choosing a venue for your special Texas wedding, we know you’ll love the Austin wedding venues here!

Austin Wedding Venue List
Austin Wedding Venue Virtual Tours
Austin Wedding Venue Websites